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November 26, 2017

New Owners and Boats on the Move

It has been several quiet years on the owners website since the last post in 2012 and 16 years since the first truckload of boats were delivered to Ohio.  2017 has been a year of resurgence as many of the boats are changing hands to new owners eager to learn and catch up maintenance items for these new-to-them boats.  Parts are available from the factory, and past owners can point you in the direction of successful replacements for tramps, sails and running rigging.  The hulls, beams and masts are bullet proof and will easily last another 16 years.  The boat, with its skeg design, is a great choice for shallow and weedy waters.  The spinnaker rig allows you to learn just like the bigger performance cats at a fraction of the purchase and maintenance costs.

The Yahoo group at Mystere Owners Yahoo Group remains your best source for owner support.  Several original owners are active and even past owners will jump in with assistance.  Thanks to Mike F., Dave and Karen for their continued advice to new owners.  The group still has 56 active members.    See  or email e-mail to contact the factory.

Many of the common rigging questions are covered on this site under rigging…

Congratulations to all new owners, and enjoy the sail!

Mike T.

Former M4.3 owner

April 1, 2012

Mystere back in business

Good news for all 4.3 owners!  Mystere is back in business with the original owner and his son making boats again (as well as other fiberglass products); here is the website address:

You can order parts from this e-mail address:

We will get together for a one day regatta (annual Jolly Roger Sailing Club’s Cat Tail regatta) in Toledo the first Saturday in June. We will have practice the day before and plenty of BBQ and beer and socializing. There will be plenty of sharing of all things Mystere 4.3 including equipment, rigging, and technique.

Contact Mike Fahle or send a note to the mystere yahoo list for more discussion.