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February 14, 2011

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February 14, 2011

Mystere 4.3 Class is 10!!! Class site moves on…

Can you all believe it has been 10 full years since this journey began. January 2001, Mike Fahle called a few of us. Shortly thereafter I created a web site so that we could share photos, information, and status of delivery. The word spread and we bought 30 boats, sight unseen! On Friday April 20, 2001, 30 boats were unloaded and assembled at Park McRitchie’s warehouse in Port Clinton, Ohio.  Jamie Diamond and Dave Fort lead the creation of class rules supporting an open sail plan.  Another round was delivered in 2002 for the first “nationals” at Alum Creek. It has been a great time and most of the boats are still racing strong and are well cared for. It remains probably the strongest class in Ohio.

After 10 years of maintaining a hand built web site for the Mystere 4.3 class, I think it is time to move on to current technology. I have moved most of the content from the previous site to this implementation. This will allow the class to have multiple authorized editors, and hopefully will contribute to more active class news and discussion. The new implementation will be using WordPress in their cloud instance. WordPress is the most popular blogging software. It is much more suited to the kind of communication needed to support a sailing class than a hand built web site. This will change also allows me to shut down the last hosted site on my home server. I can power down that beast and the lights will get a little brighter in my house. The most recent releases of search engines favor known blogging and social software like WordPress in their rankings. This move will provide continued high ranking for the Mystere web presence.

I will leave both sites running for a short period of review by the class members. After which, I will shut down the old web presence and move the main domain name to point at this site. Please comment on this post for any issues you may discover.

To see the old site, go to

To another great 10 years for the Mystere 4.3 Owners Association!!!

Mike Teets

June 9, 2005

Class Yahoo! Discussion Board is LIVE – 6/09/2005

Yahoo Discussion Board