Mystere 4.3 Specifications

Specification Comparison with Similar Sized Catamarans

– 14 foot fiberglass hulls with skegs trimmed with protective aluminum strips
– Taller bronze anodized aluminum mast and larger mainsail of European “Sonic” model Mylar mainsail with fiberglass battens and sail numbers, Harken’s new “Black Magic” H 2647 and H2604 Carbo Air Blocks to make a 6:1 system, 4/1 downhaul with cleat on the mast, and a traveler
– Dacron jib with Harken H 362 jib blocks with cleats
– Nylon spinnaker with Ronstan RF 42100 Smart Ratchet spinnaker blocks
– One set of trapeze wires (one trapeze each side of boat)
– Bronze anodized aluminum beams with gray trampoline

OPTIONAL (strongly encouraged)
– Fiberglass snuffer spinnaker launch/retrieval system (ready to sail)


HULLS – The hulls weigh 60# each, so handling the boat with the mast down should be really easy compared to anything else, especially for double
stacking. The skegs have an aluminum strip on the bottom to help protect the gelcoat finish from wear and tear. The hulls are “sleeker” than those on the Hobie Wave and will be more easily driven. The designed load limit is 300#.

BLOCKS – The mainsheet system features Harken’s newest style blocks. They are open in the middle to save weight, hence the name air blocks. They are also lighter due to their use of high strength synthetics rather than stainless steel so they will not rust in salt water. They are the latest thing in boat hardware, are a direct result of developments for big expensive race boats, and you will have them on your new Mystere. How cool will you be?! Because this is a 6/1 low friction system, a ratchet is not needed (for comparison the Wave comes with a cheap 4/1 system w/o ratchet). There is a traveler and a 4/1 downhaul. The spinnaker came with a simple Harken bullet block so I requested a substitution for a fairly new kind of block that automatically ratchets when under load or free-wheels when sensing little or no load. Two vendors make blocks like this – Ronstan and Harken. For only ten dollars more per block ($20 total) we could get the Ronstan “Smart Ratchet” blocks ($40 retail each at West Marine) so I made an “executive decision” to have all the boats equipped that way. While this increases the cost of the boats a little, based on my cat spinnaker experience, it is well worth the money and the big discount made it an easy choice. This will allow much easier handling of the spinnaker under load without adding any drag that using a normal ratchet block would. The jib blocks are Harken big bullet blocks with Harken cleats.

SNUFFER SYSTEM – This is a fairly recent spinnaker handling innovation on the cat scene. The snuffer fits on the end of the spinnaker pole and accepts the tack of the spinnaker at the front of the snuffer which has roughly the shape of a tennis racket or fish net. A tubular spinnaker bag attaches to this and tapers down along and attached to the pole towards the mast. The spinnaker halyard goes from the mast to the head of the spinnaker and there is a takedown line attached to a patch sewn about in the middle of the spinnaker. The other end goes into the snuffer and bag and out the other end near the mast. When the spinnaker is raised with the halyard, the takedown line goes out with the spinnaker and you just sheet in. To retrieve the spinnaker, the halyard and sheet are released and the takedown line pulls the spinnaker right into the tube. It is very quick and easy to do and keeps the bag off the trampoline. This was not made standard because of the cost but, please, everyone get this, you will be glad you did. While $200 is not inconsequential, it is a bargain price for this system.

TRAMPOLINES – are mesh and have no stitching to wear out – they are all heat welded and are one piece construction for convenience and comfort. They slide in grooves on the front beam and along the hulls and lace up at the back on the rear beam – very easy and quick! This also means no grommets to wear out and less splashing from unwanted openings. There is a front pocket for halyard stowage.

HIKING STICKS – are aluminum and extendable so that sailing with or without the trapeze is easy and comfortable.

MAST FLOTATION – the mast sections are the same as used on the Mystere 6.0 (pretty large) and the masts are sealed. We will sail the boat and capsize it the Saturday it is delivered so that we will know what to expect ASAP. We can always get a group order for the bobs if we want them.

TRAPEZE (S) The boats come with one set of trapezes which is just right for single-handing. Yves (by request) will bring extra sets of trapezes to sell at delivery for everyone who wants to sail double-handed. We do not know the price yet but it will be cheaper from him than anywhere else. We will pass on the price when we know it.

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