Shroud Repair

Shroud Repair Contribution and Photos by Mike Fahle

These two photos show the rivet that came out of my shroud chainplate or tang where it is attached to the hull and what I did to reattach it. I used a drill, a thread tap, and a 5/8″ bolt to replace the 1/4″ rivet that pulled out, apparently because it was not long enough to bulge out of the other side of the aluminum plate that is on the inside of the fiberglass hull.


All owners could check for similar problems before the chainplate/tang pulls out and the rig falls down. This is an easy, inexpensive way to fix it if they find a problem before serious injury or damage occurs.

A rig fell down because one of the bridle bolts came out of the top of the bow. Another had a bolt that was too short to reach the (overly) recessed aluminum plate on one of his hulls and had to replace it with a longer bolt. Everyone should check this latter problem on their boat as well. This is an excellent place to apply some Loctite for bolts (removable with tools) or equivalent after they are sure the bolts are long enough to make good thread contact.

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