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March 2, 2004

Newsletter March 2004

MYSTERE 4.3 OWNERS’ NEWSLETTER 3/2/2004 Mike Fahle

GREETINGS: Hi everyone, The temperature has flirted with 60 in Toledo for the last two days and the hard water (ICE, for you southern types) blew out of Maumee Bay yesterday – it has been so nice that it reminded me that it is time to get a newsletter out to help everyone plan for the upcoming sailing season. There are some very noteworthy news items to report and there is some “housekeeping” to do, so I’ll get started.

NEW WEBSITE: Mike Teets has updated the Mystere 4.3 owners website. The new address is: Please make sure you let Mike know your appreciation for his voluntary (that means that Mike pays for it and does all the work) efforts on behalf of the class. If it is not activated when you read this try again soon. Let Mike know if you want to post a notice and let me know if you want something announced in a newsletter. We both encourage owner input and involvement. (website note: the default site is now active at

OWNER CONTACT INFO: This is another “housekeeping” part. Please let me know about any ownership changes – if you sold a boat let me know the contact info of the buyer and if you want to be deleted from the newsletter list. If your contact info has changed (primarily your e-mail address, let me know that, too. I know that this is like asking who is not present at a meeting to raise their hand but maybe you will know of someone who changed their e-mail address and pass it on to me and also be reminded to do this yourself if your e-mail address changes. All newsletters get posted to the owners website thanks to Mike Teets but you will get it as soon as possible if I have your address. Also, having at least a loosely organized class should be a selling point for the boat if you are considering that so that should be a good reason to get the new owners to share their contact info. This is a good time to remind you that I use the contact info list strictly for this purpose (communicating class related info) only.

2004 EVENT SCHEDULE: One of the advantages of being a Mystere 4.3 owner is having extra event options compared to other cat owners, in this region at least. You can plan on attending the regular four OCRA regattas this year for one-design sailing along with the standard OCRA Portsmouth handicap fleet racing. Access the OCRA website for the latest info regularly at: Make sure that you pre-register ASAP for events to help the organizers plan better (I know this helps us a lot for the RTB race) and to let the other M-4.3 owners know to join you at the events you plan to attend!

A new event on the OCRA schedule for 2004 is the Green Island race regatta at Port Clinton Yacht Club in Port Clinton, Ohio on the south shore of Lake Erie between Toledo and Sandusky. It is nearly a perfect place for racing beach cats because it has a big sandy beach with a nice grassy strip between the access road and the beach. There are club restroom and shower facilities right next to the beach. The yacht club has all the usual amenities and even has a swimming pool that is open to guests. The club hosts many sailing racing events and we have one of the best Principal Race Officers in the Midwest to organize and run the event – Doug Young. If his name sounds familiar to you it may be because he purchased two of the boats from the initial 30 boat order. This event will be unique because it will feature buoy racing on Saturday and a “long distance” race of about 17 miles – the long running annual Green Island Race. I have raced that race on big boats for over 25 years and I can tell you that it is going to give you goose bumps to start the race and look back to see dozens of big boats chasing you around the course!! That Monday is a holiday (Labor Day) for you to enjoy the myriad other recreational opportunities in the area or just to relax back at home. This is one that you will definitely want to attend this year! For more info as it becomes available check out the PCYC website at:
We also have several other events that we can attend:
Staying at PCYC for another moment; we are invited back again this year as a class to the “Can” race in August with the Interlake class and have a cookout and picnic with them afterwards. We even get awards on the spot while the Interlakes have to wait until the end of the season. This is a laid back race out to the navigation buoy near the end of Catawba Island and back with plenty of time afterward for socializing and eating.

Here in Toledo we have the Jolly Roger Sailing Club annual small boat “Cat Tail” regatta the first weekend in June. It was changed to a one day event last year which was blown out but I suspect they will stay with that format again for this year. The cost is always low and we have a good time sailing out of the Maumee Bay Catamaran Club (aka Mike and Carol Fahle’s place). Anyone is welcome to stay here, save money and socialize before and after (first come first served). More info will be available at the JRSC website at:

At the end of the season last year we were invited as a class to participate in the North Cape Yacht Club Fall Blowout regatta – another long-running class invitational event. This is the same venue as the RTB Race (another great site, facility, and good RC work) and it will probably be on October 16th. There will be more info in future newsletters.

The first event of the year is the Spring Fever Regatta at Lake Hartwell near Hartwell Georgia. Several M-4.3 owners are already pre-registered. We had a class last year and already we have at least five boats registered to make a class again this year. For more info look at the website at:
An additional attraction this year is the recent formation of an F-14 class – a formula class for boats of a maximum hull length of 4.3 meters – what a coincidence for us, huh? J Well, not exactly. Several Mystere 4.3 owners “spoke up” in time and made sure that our boats fit inside the new rule. The Spring Fever will be the first time that we get a chance to race other 14 footers under the F-14 concept while still keeping our class results separate – sort of like we do in OCRA but Formula racing means the rest of the fleet will still be racing boat for boat instead of using Portsmouth Handicap ratings. It should be very interesting and you can read more about it on the Catamaran Sailor website under the new F-14 forum at: Mike Teets has added a link to it on the revamped owners’ website, too.

MORE INFO: What else do you want to know or to announce? Let me know and it will be in the next newsletter before May. Think spring and get ready to go sailing!