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August 3, 2003

Newsletter August 2003

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Sunday, August 03, 2003 – 11:11 pm:

Mystere 4.3 Owners’ Newsletter – SUMMER 2003 edited by: Mike Fahle

Editor’s GREETINGS – Hi everyone. Since the last newsletter in the spring we have had two new owners join the ranks for the “Smart people” by buying a Mystere 4.3. Please welcome Jim Hickox from King of Prussia, PA. and Tim Tackett in Port Clinton who purchased Doug Blackburn’s boat. This is another reminder that the newsletter and website are intended to increase the owners’ enjoyment of their Mystere 4.3s by sharing information and good times. So if anyone has any questions, concerns, news, or events to share, please send them to the website and to the newsletter editor to inform and include all the other owners. I hope to see all the owners at an event this season and hope to see the Mystere class with the most boats at all the events also. Dave Fort has asked that all the Mystere 4.3 owners be notified to pre-register and attend the Stray Cat Regatta. He hosts this event and has two Mysteres so come out and support his efforts! Check the website often for news and for help and thank Mike Teets for being a good host! The Mystere owners’ website address is:


Stray Cat Regatta: Dave Fort has asked me to remind all the Mystere 4.3 owners to attend the next OCRA regatta which is the Stray Cat Regatta at Lake Pymatuning on the Ohio border with Pennsylvania. It will be held July 26-27 and you should pre-register at the OCRA website:

Catawba Can / Commodore’s Cup Race: The next event is by invitation only for the Mystere 4.3 owners and the Interlake class at Port Clinton Yacht Club on Sunday, August 17, 2003. Mystere 4.3s have been invited back to the Port Clinton Yacht Club’s Can Race. It is a race from near the beach to a big navigational buoy near the end of Catawba Island and back (about ten miles). This is for just a single race on Sunday so you get part of your weekend for something else (just like the RTB race) and it is a more relaxed event with a potluck lunch hosted by the Interlake class after the race. Go to to access the Can Race NOR and SI’s. Click on ‘Commodores Cup’

Alum Creek Regatta – September 27th and 28th at Alum Creek State Park just north of Columbus: see the OCRA website for more info and to pre-register.

Stay tuned for an announcement about a regatta at Alum Creek a couple of weeks after the regatta mentioned above. Last year the Mystere 4.3s were invited to race in a local event there and had a good time in heavier wind common in the fall. Maybe we will get to do that again this year.

RESULTS: Spring Fever Regatta held at Lake Hartwell on the border of Georgia and South Carolina on April 18 –20.

Winona Lake Cup Regatta May 17-18 in Indiana.

May Day Regatta at Caesar Creek Lake and
‘Round The Bay Race results for both at the OCRA website at: The RTB race had 42 entries and for the first time in nine years since the start of this event, all boats started and finished! The weather was nearly perfect and the first Mystere 4.3 did the course in just under 4 hours and was the fourth boat across the finish line.

BOATS/OWNERS – There was a new listing of boat owners in the Fall 2002 newsletters. Please let Mike Fahle know if there are any changes in ownership so that the newsletter mailing list is kept current. The owners’ e-mail list is strictly for the use of the newsletter and contacting each other. Check out this list for the latest updates.

New ideas/ Commentary – Anyone who has tried something new in terms of rigging or trailering or anything related to the boats, please share with the other owners. The mast rake that Jamie Diamond initiated late last summer has been shown to be better than the initial rig set-up but John Williams definitely learned that you can have too much of a good thing when he raked his rig so far that he could not sheet the main tight enough to get a firm leech at the Spring Fever Regatta. I think that I have found the “sweet spot” but I have not measured the forestay length yet. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will give you the measurement. I do know that it is where the shrouds that came on last year’s boats are at the bottom hole of the adjusters and that required a long shackle added to the full length of the forestay but I do not know how that compares to the other boats out there, so a good measurement is needed before anyone tries to copy. The extra rake allows the boat to point a little higher and provides better control in higher winds.

SPARE PARTS – Two new spinnakers are for sale: one .75 oz (light) that is the original green color and one 1.5 oz (heavy)that is all blue. There are two new style (nylon spinnaker material) snuffer bags and some new dacron jibs available also. Other parts available include: spare battens, a few rudder springs and screws, and hull plugs. Anyone interested should contact Mike or Carol Fahle at: (419) 729-9965 and/or via e-mail.

FINAL THOUGHT – (Apply this to sailing more often or to attending regattas)
“If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are probably right!