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August 11, 2002

Newsletter August 2002

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Sunday, August 11, 2002 – 08:48 pm:

GREETINGS – The Mystere owners website has a new address: Check it out – often! (Thanks, Mike
Teets) The summer is nearly over already – it sure is moving fast this year
for us because of all the work with the 4.3s and related events. Carol is
doing RC duty at the Can race next Sunday, the 18th, at PCYC, so it is still
not over for her. We have been invited back to this event as a Mystere 4.3
class only (not open to other cats or classes) by the resident Interlake
class at PCYC; a direct benefit of owning a Mystere 4.3! The rest of the
season includes a new OCRA event at PCYC, the Snowflurries regatta, and the
Alum Creek OCRA regatta. Several M-4.3s are pre-registered for the CRAM
Cat Fight III regatta, also (like John Williams from Florida). This IS the
time to get the boats out and enjoy them before the season is gone

THE BOAT DEAL – Yes, this again, but now there are more changes! The new
boats are complete with all the changes that we made during the season last
year and will have a nicer traveler, bigger diameter beams and a snuffer
that is UV resistant nylon so that you can keep the spinnaker inside without
damaging it, if you want. There are eight new owners so four boats are
left for purchase. Jamie Diamond claimed the last new one that was raced
and is looking to sell his first boat. The other three are for sale for
$3999 because they were not used in the Youth Championship and have never
been sailed. Word from Paul Steed is that one of these may be sold before
the Can race, leaving two. Please note: after this deal, the boats will
cost more and delivery will not be included. It is a long way to Montreal,
Quebec! Buy now and save! These boat are APPRECIATING in value, an
extremely rare phenomenon for beach cats! An incentive for selling one of
these boats is a free new jib or a free new snuffer bag, your choice.

CAN RACE – Last year the Mystere 4.3 class owners were invited to race at
Port Clinton Yacht Club (PCYC) with the Interlake fleet there thanks to Doug
Young. It is a race from near the beach to a big navigational buoy near the
end of Catawba Island and back (about ten miles). This year they have
invited us back on Sunday, August 18th. This is for just a single race on
Sunday so you get part of your weekend for something else (just like the RTB
race) and we also get a great pot-luck lunch with the Interlake sailors
afterwards (that we should all contribute to). This facility is as nice as
NCYC and has a great sandy beach and (relatively) deep, weed-free water to
race in. This is a fun, low-key race with time for socializing. The race
starts at 11 A.M. and the cost is $10. Contact Doug Young for more info by
phone at: (419) 797-6441 or fax at: (419) 732-3174 or via e-mail at:

ALUM CREEK – This is always a fun regatta just north of Columbus, Ohio at
the end of the season but this year it is moved up to September 21st & 22nd
and is a week before the Snowflurries regatta. It is one of the OCRA season
counters and the party will be held at (Mystere 4.3 owners) Anne and Duncan
Spillman’s new house. Hopefully we can race together with the Illinois
Mystere owners there!

SNOW FLURRIES – This is a long running regatta that used to have a large
one-design section to go with the large “big boat” section on separate
courses. The one-design portion was not held for a few years, then started
up again with mostly just Interlakes. Now it is open to beach cats and is
an OCRA event. It is also another one day event on Saturday, September
28th, and Doug Young MAY be able to hook-up interested sailors with big boat
mono or multihull crewing positions for the next day (the big boats race
both days) if you call him soon. It will be the last OCRA event this year.
All OCRA events are listed on the website at and will
feature more 4.3s than any other class!
12 -14th. Several owners (Carol & Mike Fahle, Doug Young, Dave Fort, Jamie
Diamond, Kathy Clark, George Webb, Bob Everson, Joe Tracy, Paul Hubbard, Tim
Pickering, Doug Blackburn, Duncan Spillman, Steve & Connie Attard, )
answered the emergency call to help out. This was a great way to get our
cat well publicized and get more young people interested and involved in
catamaran sailing. The boats did not arrive until early Friday morning with
a racing seminar scheduled at 1 P.M. Friday for the competitors, focusing on
handling the 4.3. That meant that twelve boats and all equipment had to be
unloaded and assembled and tuned in just 7 hours!!! Without the help of
the owners, it could not have been done; but it was, and from observers on
the outside, I have been told that it all went very well. Local youths
(from the CRAM and OCRA areas) won the event – Chris Batchelor and Laura
Young – Doug’s daughter!

STRAY CAT – This OCRA regatta was moved to Lake Pymatuning this year from
Lake Erie where it has been held at different beaches over the years. It
was a very light air regatta – Carol and Mike Fahle bailed during the first
race as the wind died completely after once around and they were not in the
mood for drifting and baking. The races were postponed after the first
finish until the afternoon when a nice breeze filled in across the lake to
complete one long race. On Sunday the RC got two races in with more very
light breeze to make four total which allowed a throw out. The complete
results are posted on the OCRA website but the Mystere 4.3 finished first
overall! (Overall, overall, that is – ask Dave Fort about that)

SPARE PARTS – Mystere moved their factory just before the Youth
Championship which made life difficult for them. This probably accounts for
their problems with parts this year – last year with thirty boats there was
literally only one part missing! This year with only twelve boats there
were many missing pieces or problems with fit, length, etc. which made an
already challenging situation just a little chaotic! So Mystere has just
delivered all the parts needed to make all the corrections. We have two
spinnakers for sale: one .75 oz (light) and one 1.5 oz (heavy). Note: The
heavy spinnakers fly well in even very light air and should hold up to the
abuse of the snuffer better than the light ones. There are some new style
snuffer bags and some new jibs available also. We also have spare battens,
a few rudder springs and screws, and hull plugs. Anyone interested in these
or a boat should call Mike Fahle at: (419) 729-9965 and/or e-mail.

PLANNING – Start thinking about regattas for next year. We can offer
incentives again next year for regatta attendance – we will see what Mystere
will do for us. The North Carolina group wants us to come sail on the Outer
Banks for a regatta and John Williams wants us in the Florida panhandle for
a regatta. Think about setting up a traveler’s series and appropriate
incentives and throw ideas out on the Owners’ forum – Note the new website
address: – and discuss this at the
upcoming events so that we can plan for next year in time for vacation
schedules. Last year the incentive was based on the BOAT’S participation
which worked well and helped new people try it out, so we should keep that.
Let’s hear your ideas!

PARTING THOUGHT – Come out and sail as much as possible in the next six
weeks… that’s all that’s left of our season! Let’s have fun together and
enjoy our great little boats!