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May 24, 2002

Newsletter May 2002

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Saturday, May 25, 2002 – 10:50 am:

Mystere 4.3 Owners Newsletter – May 24th, 2002 by: Mike Fahle

GREETINGS – Congratulations to the following additions to the list of smart people (Mystere 4.3 owners) who are buying one of the boats made for the USSA Catamaran Youth Championship:
Paul Hubbard of Euclid, Ohio; Bob Everson of Liberty Township, Ohio; Tim Pickering of Columbus, Ohio; and Jim Higgins of Charlotte, North Carolina. Mike Fahle sold his boat to John Williams of Pensacola, Florida because he needed one right away, so Mike is purchasing a new one also. Please welcome these new Mystere owners to the class! Add them to your e-mail list, too.

THE BOAT DEAL – The registration for the Cat Youth Champs ends June 1st. The number of boats delivered will be equal to the number registered at that time, up to twenty. Last count was about nine teams. That means that we may have only four more boats to sell, so get the word out quickly to anyone who is interested or who you would like to see in the class because time is short and there may not be enough boats for everyone who finally decides to become one of the smart people! The new boats will come complete with all the changes that we made during the season last year and will have a nicer traveler, bigger diameter beams and lighter rudders to make up for the heavier beams. Please note: after this deal, the boats will cost AT LEAST $500 MORE and delivery will not be included. It is a long way to Montreal, Quebec! Buy now and save!

CATTAIL REGATTA – Last year many of the Mystere 4.3s raced in this annual event as the only catamaran one-design. It caused quite a stir among all the monohullers and they are excited about us coming back. This is sailed in Maumee Bay in part of the ’Round The Bay race course area. It is in a mostly sheltered area on the “Big Lake” (Erie). Registration is at Jolly Roger Sailing Club (JRSC) from 8 A.M. – 11 A.M. next Saturday, June 1. The Competitors’ meeting is at 11 A.M. and the first race starts a 12 Noon. There are three races and then cocktail hour at 6 P.M. followed by a steak and chicken cook-out at the club at 7 P.M. The regatta finishes on Sunday with two races starting at 10 A.M. after breakfast at the club starting at 7 A.M. There is plenty of room at, in, outside of, around, or near Mike and Carol Fahle’s house in Toledo which is on the Maumee Bay with launch facilities and less than two miles from JRSC. ALL Mystere 4.3 owners are welcome and encouraged to attend this regatta and use the Maumee Bay Catamaran Club facilities (aka Mike and Carol’s house). This makes for a weekend of close contact and camaraderie so that we get to know each other better and increase the fun of racing and socializing together! This is a fun, low-key event that you should come and enjoy, especially now that it is finally warming up. Contact the Fahles at: (419) 729-9965 or at for more info or to arrange your reservations. Carol will be racing with and coaching Mike on Kathy Clark’s boat this year (Thanks, Kathy!) The NOR and Sailing Instructions are available at the JRSC website at: .

OTHER REGATTAS – The first event of this season was the annual MayDay regatta – probably the longest running catamaran regatta in the entire Midwest, if not the country. The wind was light and flukey on Saturday and essentially nonexistent on Sunday, so racing was called and everyone was able to get home early and get some work done. The racing was mixed-up because of the wind but that made it interesting and the Mystere 4.3s had the biggest one-design turn-out. Congratulations go to Kitsy Amrhein for finishing first – proof that it pays to have a full sized vibrating, heated, massage chair at a regatta! For the full results, see the OCRA web page at: .
The 2002 ROUND THE BAY RACE already is almost completely ready to go. Thanks to the OCRA Webmaster, Mark Camden, you can preregister at the aforementioned OCRA website and see who is attending. We learned last year that preregistering allows us to better prepare the event to suit the racers – for example, it was because of knowing what to expect that we created another class with awards last year! The race is still the same low cost as it was when started seven years ago and it features the finest sailing facility, North Cape Yacht Club, of any beach cat regatta in the Midwest. The course is fun, different, and safe thanks to the patrol craft. And maybe best of all, everyone leaves with something from this event!

Last year the Mystere 4.3 owners were invited to race in the annual Can Race in August at Port Clinton Yacht Club (PCYC) with the Interlake fleet there thanks to Doug Young. It is a race from near the beach to a big navigational buoy near the end of Catawba Island and back. It was pretty breezy and very warm last year which made for dynamite conditions with explosive results! Just ask Jamie Diamond! This will be a great time to get the new owners involved at a venue where they will take delivery of their new boats. This year Doug has secured an invitation for us again (Hooray, Doug!) for Saturday, August 18th. This is for just the Saturday so you get part of your weekend for something else (just like the RTB race) and we also get a great pot-luck lunch with the Interlake sailors afterwards (that we should all contribute to). This facility is as nice as NCYC and has a great sandy beach.

The BIG event will be the Youth Cat National Championship at PCYC from July 12 -14th. Several of the existing owners (Mike Fahle, Doug Young, Dave Fort, Jamie Diamond, Kathy Clark, George Webb) will be joined by some of the new owners (Tim Pickering, Bob Everson) to help out. This is a great way to get our cat well publicized (check out the USSA website) and get more young people interested and involved in catamaran sailing. This event is being held at the same time as a major regional Youth Sailing regatta at PCYC, so if you want to see how involved kids are in racing, do not miss this! We will be putting boats together probably on Thursday and Mike Fahle will be providing a racing seminar on Friday for the competitors, focusing on handling the 4.3.

The other OCRA events are listed on the website and will feature more 4.3s than any other cat if we just show up. It is going to be a great summer of racing and socializing together. Remember, you can learn more about rigging and sailing your boat at just one regatta by interacting with each other than you can all summer long sailing by yourself!

CAT TRAX ORDER – Just like last year, I will be making a quantity order to Cat Trax for new beach wheels. I already know that I can get very good savings because of the quantity but have not checked about price yet. I wanted to get feedback about the number who are interested before I call for quotes. I will e-mail privately everyone who responds as the order progresses and maybe post it on the owners‘ website. My plan is to order ones with 8 foot axles with the cradles set for the 4.3s – this way they could also be used for 8’ wide cats by changing the cradle spacing if you want to – this also allows the lines to stay clear of the cradle edges. Feedback on this plan is O.K., too.

SPARE PARTS – If you need anything from Mystere for your boat, then the time to order is before they come to PCYC in July. Last year people ordered sail boxes, harnesses, battens, and other goodies before Yves Sansoucy came to PCYC in August. This year he can bring things down in July when he delivers the new boats. As a favor to Mystere, I can still act as a coordinator for anything you want to order for that delivery. Remember to visit the owners’ website at: