Newsletter March 2002

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Sunday, March 24, 2002 – 02:48 pm:

MYSTERE 4.3 NEWSLETTER March 24, 2002

GREETING: Well now that Spring has officially arrived, the weather is colder, downright wintry. Still, there are only six weeks left until the first Ohio Catamaran Racing Association (OCRA) regatta at Caesar Creek reservoir southwest of Dayton. So that means we should be getting ready to go sailing again.

SEASON SAILING PREPARATIONS: Here are some things to consider: Check out the trailer – if you have not inflated the tires or greased the hubs within the last year, then this is a good time to do both. You can do these things inside the garage if it is still cold out or wait for the next nice day. Check all the boat parts and sails. If you waited to modify your mainsail last year, there is still time to get it to Greiners in Toledo and have it back for the Caesar Creek regatta. Check your Ronstan auto-ratchet blocks and see the item below. Read the racing rules! There are some good websites for the rules – here are a couple to check out: or Visit this website to read and understand the new five minute starting sequence:

REGATTAS: See the OCRA website at: for regatta info. There are two annual events in the Toledo area that all the Mystere 4.3 racers should attend. The one listed on the OCRA website is the ‘Round the Bay Race on Saturday, June 15. The other one that you should attend is the Jolly Roger Sailing Club (JRSC) Cattail Regatta on June 1 and 2. It is held on Maumee Bay; we had a class of Mystere 4.3s attend last year and are invited back. Anyone interested should e-mail Mike Fahle at: Also, Doug Young says we are invited back to the Can Race at PCYC in August! This race featured just two classes – 4.3s and Interlakes and a picnic lunch after the race.

RONSTAN BLOCKS: An offer was made in the last newsletter to have Ronstan replace any of these blocks that did not work properly. I am going to send these in the first of April so that we get them back before the Caesar Creek regatta. So if you want to take advantage of this offer, send your blocks (right now) to: Mike Fahle 3065 117th Street Toledo, Ohio 43611

NEW BOAT SALES: Mystere International is supplying twenty brand new boats for the 2002 United States Sailing Association (USSA) Catamaran Youth National Championship regatta being held at Port Clinton Yacht Club July 12 – 14. PLEASE help sell these boats in this area since this will provide more of them to build our fleet. You will be doing yourself and the buyers a favor since these are such nice boats at a very low price. So ask your friends, family, and neighbors about getting one of these to get started in sailing, get started in racing, get started with a spinnaker, or just get better at any or all of these. They will be joining the largest one design class in OCRA and have a very versatile cat to use alone or with others. Remember that one of the reasons they are so attractively priced is that there are no dealers to take the normal “middleman” mark-up, so we sell them ourselves. See the last newsletter for the details or e-mail Mike Fahle at: NOTE: The difference described before about the bigger beams on the new boats refers to the section size (circumference) NOT the width of the beam!

TRIP TO MYSTERE: We have scheduled another trip to Mystere International on April 14 and will have some room to bring back boat “stuff”. If anyone wants replacement parts, new sails, battens (modifying the sail to be fuller requires a couple of longer battens, for example), etc., then let us know ASAP and we can provide delivery.

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