Continuous Halyard

There are some big, really big advantages to running a continuous halyard. You will have zero deck clutter and when you pop the halyard, the head pulling from the mast will pull the retrieval line and suck the spinnaker up to the end of the pole… a few more tugs and it is in the bag.

  1. Use Marlow 3/16 or equivalent stiff, light line. This is the same as the I20. Purchase 70 feet, don’t short yourself here.
  2. Attach a small bullet block to a 18 inch piece of the 3/16 above. Feed through the rear of the tramp to the eye-strap on for the traveler. est to lay the boat on its side for the first try at this.
  3. Temporarily tie one end of halyard to tip of snuffer; feed through block at top of mast; down the mast and through the turning block and cleat; back to the rear beam bullet block; forward and into back grommet of snuffer bag; out the front and through the lower patch webbing (do not tie); up to the top patch webbing and tie with bowline.
  4. Tie tack to tack line on snuffer end.
  5. Attach halyard from top of mast to head.
  6. Hoist spinnaker.
  7. Release halyard and pull retrieval end of halyard until spinnaker is completely in sock.
  8. Adjust halyard length (without cutting) until you have a workable length for your preference. Sail several times in varying wind conditions before you actually cut the final length.
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