Newsletter July 2001

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Tuesday, July 31, 2001 – 09:58 pm:

Hi Everyone, This is just a short note to follow-up the last one with more details.

MAIN SAIL ORDERS – The following are the people I have heard from who want a new, fuller sail from Mystere for $455 U.S. with battens and numbers:

Joe Tracey, Mike Fahle, Glen Blohm, Paul Steed, Dennis Elliot, Kitsy Amrhein, Uwe Eickert, Bob Cella, Brad Culbert, Matt Wirth, Jamie Diamond,
and Dave Fort.

Yves Sansoucy wants a $100 deposit for each sail so send a check to me made out to Mystere International for $100 U.S. (write that on the check) to me by next Thursday. I will send the list and checks to Yves next Friday morning,
August 10, for delivery the weekend after that. You can pay the balance to Yves directly at PCYC on delivery. Also, send me the sail number you want on your sail. If there is any delivery charge it will be minimal; if we have boat orders there will be no charge. And yes, these sails are
significantly faster and they will not be obsoleted with the new class rules; just the opposite, they will be protected by the new rules.

BOAT ORDERS – Yves can bring down three new 4.3s with everything (yes, with fuller mainsails) for $3800 U.S. delivered. I had heard people were looking for more boats but have not had any orders yet. It would be a shame to waste this opportunity to get more boats down here for a good price. Anyone who wants one should e-mail me to that effect and send a check for $1000
U.S. made out to Mystere International for a down payment with the balance due at delivery at PCYC. If no one orders a boat, Yves will not bring any. Yves WILL bring a 5.0 with spinnaker and snuffer for us to see and sail, if interested. It will sell for $5200 U.S. and $200 for delivery. It will be a bigger version of the 4.3 and Yves tells me that it is about the same
weight as the 4.3 because of a different core material and it is still rightable by someone my size (170#). If you know of someone who wants to
purchase that boat, the same is needed as for the 4.3s – an e-mail to me and a check for $1000 made out to Mystere. BTW, try to find any other new 16 footer on the market for anywhere close to that price, even w/o a spinnaker and snuffer!

SAILBOX DIMENSIONS – Yves can bring the large fiberglass sailboxes that were seen at the original delivery. They are $250 U.S. and have a slight taper, but the dimensions at the top are: 123.5″ Long, 14″ High, 30.5″ Wide. If you want one of these, e-mail me.

DEADLINE – I need e-mails ASAP (so that Yves knows what to make and deliver) and down payment checks by Thursday, August 9th. That means if you
are attending Bay Week you need to order and mail a check before you leave.

PCYC on August 19th – DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!


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