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July 27, 2001

7/27/01 Newsletter

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Friday, July 27, 2001 – 11:35 am:

Hi everyone, I spoke with Yves Sansoucy last night and have exciting news to report:

Yves will attend the gathering at PCYC on Sunday, August 19th. He will bring a new port hull for Dennis Elliot (WARNING! Do not let Hobie 16s sail into the middle of your hulls!) and he has a trailer large enough to bring all the new and fuller mainsails that we want to order. It will also allow him to bring three new Mystere 4.3s and a Mystere 5.0.

MAINSAILS: We have learned from testing and racing that the medium full mainsails that Yves makes are significantly faster all-around than the flat ones we got with the boat and the very full one modified from my original flat sail. I previously wrote to you that the sails with battens would cost $455 U.S. plus delivery. Well, if any new boats are sold for Yves to bring down, there will be no delivery charges for the sails! So far the people who have ordered a new sail are:

Joe Tracey, Uwe Eickert, Paul Steed, Dennis Elliot, Glen Blohm, Mike Fahle.

Please contact me ASAP if you want one also. Besides being a faster sail for most conditions (very windy will be good for the flat sail), this is a bargain price, just ask other sailmakers for some quotes if you want to see how much (my guess is about half price)! Jamie Diamond will be posting the measurements that we took this past weekend at Geneva and will include a proposal for all of you to comment on for setting sail size for the class so that we can go ahead and order new sails without worry that later on someone will use bigger ones. The measurements we are offering are only a little larger than the original which allows the larger luff curve for the deeper draft that is proving faster. Jamie will explain it in more detail.

Many of us have had people inquire about getting boats. Well, here is their chance to get one at a price that is still a bargain! The new boats are $3600 U.S. with all the goodies as we got ours, plus $200 for delivery. This matches the delivery price per boat that we got for thirty! If we sell all three boats that Yves can deliver, we will have 3 more to “play” with AND get free delivery on the mainsails!

Yves also will have a Mystere 5.0 to show us and for sailing. (Joe, this may be the ideal boat for you!). It is a larger version of the 4.3 that is still rightable by one average sized person but has more freeboard for the big lake and more buoyancy for doubling-up. Should be interesting!

The last item is near and dear to at least Glen Blohm. Yves may have room for some of those cool sail boxes, too, like the ones he brought at the original delivery in April. These are just $250 U.S. (yes, that is another bargain price!) and anyone interested in them should let me know so that we can try to get them delivered also!

Don’t forget that the PCYC event on the 19th is intended as a hands-on seminar / social event / race for all of us to learn more about the boat and each other while having fun. Anything that Doug Young organizes is easily worth attending!

Lots to think about here, so mull it over and get back to me soon so that I can let Yves know what to make and bring to us. It makes me happy to be able to pass on such good news! 🙂


P.S. Just to be clear, all the prices reflect a manufacturer-direct-to-purchaser-ONLY relationship. There are no other charges involved which is part of the reason they are so low. As before, I remain a volunteer coordinator, like Mike Teets does for creating and maintaining our website!