Newsletter 4/24/01

Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Tuesday, April 24, 2001 – 03:48 pm:

THANKS ALL AROUND – Hi Everyone, WOW! What an event the delivery day was! Thirty boats delivered, unloaded, and assembled in only 8 hours inside a building while it rained outside. Out of the hundreds of individual parts involved with thirty boats with a main, jib, spinnaker, and trapeze, only one beam end cap was missing! I am so grateful to Yves Sansoucy, President of Mystere, for coming to the delivery and bringing Denis and Patrick to make the day a success. I am also grateful to all of the owners who worked in teams to get the job done, help and socialize with each other, and cooperate in less than ideal conditions. Now, can you imagine what it would have been like without having Park McRitchie’s facilities available at QuikSpray? Thanks again, Park. In addition, eight trailers were assembled and many trailers were modified. Carol and I really appreciate the cooperation of everyone and the show of thanks from several of you.

BOAT SET-UP – SNUFFER BRIDLES – There are several important changes to make to the spinnaker system that we have learned about already. First, the end of the snuffer should have bridle lines or wires attached back to the jib bridle wire tangs to keep the pole from bending and to keep it attached to the pin on the main beam. The pole can pull off the pin and possibly bend or break without this modification. Any decent line can be used for this. The spinnaker is significantly larger than what has been made for the boat in Europe or in Canada, so this was not needed before.
SPINNAKER HALYARD BLOCK – A recommended change is to drill out one rivet on the spinnaker halyard eyestrap so that the spinnaker block can be removed. Then re-rivet the eyestrap back into place and either tie the original block to the eyestrap or shackle on a swivel block for the spinnaker halyard. This will prevent the spinnaker halyard from jamming in the block or between the block and the mast making it difficult to raise or lower the spinnaker. I tied the block on with high strength, small diameter line using two loops between the block and the eyestrap about 4″ long to allow the spinnaker some separation from the mast and to swivel with the spinnaker away from the mast.
SPINNAKER HALYARD / RETRIEVAL LINE – Mike Teets and others are working out the best way to make the spinnaker halyard and retrieval line continuous. This will make everything work better, especially while single-handing the boat. Look for more info in future newsletters, at the Caesar Creek MAYDAY regatta (best), and on the Mystere 4.3 website that Mike Teets maintains.

PHOTOS – Please send any photos you have of the delivery day to Mike Teets for posting on the website. Hopefully we will have many to view there soon.

REGATTAS – As an incentive for all of you to “come out and play” with your new boats, Mystere is going to award owners with new sails for their boat’s participation in regattas. Provide proof of attendance in five regattas during this year and you will get a new jib. Do the same thing for seven regattas and get a new spinnaker! We will post a list of “approved” events on the website and this will be decided for sure by the MAYDAY regatta (which WILL count), so plan to get your boat there – it will not matter who sails it at any given event – we want to encourage the use of the boats, so feel free to share it with others. Other counters for sure will be all the OCRA events (see: ), the Jolly Roger Sailing Club’s Cattail regatta ( the club Carol and I belong to here in Toledo) and Doug Young’s informal “Can” race at Port Clinton Yacht Club. I will administer this program so if you have an event you want to have considered for a “counter”, call, write, or ply me with good beer at the next regatta! Mystere will underwrite the cost of this awards program as visible support of our new class. I suggested it be based on participation rather than race results to encourage everyone to participate regardless of their experience or skill level. I have never even heard of another sailboat manufacturer doing this for a class – come on out and take advantage of this great offer! Let’s have fun together this season…. often!

ORDERING MORE BOATS – More boats will be available after thirty days as Mystere has order commitments to meet that preclude producing anymore 4.3s before then. After that, Yves told me they can make 2 to 3 boats a week. He is checking into delivery options for varying numbers of boats – obviously the more that are ordered and shipped at one time, the less it will cost per boat.

ORDERING PARTS – It has been an interesting experience organizing all of this and I will remain very involved but I really am doing this as an unpaid volunteer and want time to go sailing! So today Yves gave me the green light to have you order parts directly from Mystere via e-mail to: I would like for everyone to continue helping each other out and we will continue to develop the boat during the season. So please use this just for parts or warranty and use the website or each other for help about rigging or sailing the boat. That is another reason to attend as many regattas as possible, also.

GOING SAILING – Do this as often as possible! šŸ™‚

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