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April 16, 2001


Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Monday, April 16, 2001 – 12:12 pm:

Hi Everyone, We are only four days away from taking delivery of our thirty new Mystere 4.3s. This is just to provide some guidance about what to bring along and what to expect. I am eager to see all of you this weekend and to have this responsibility end. I am even more eager to go sailing!

SCHEDULE – FRIDAY; We anticipate starting on Friday morning at 9 A.M. by unloading the truck. This should take less than an hour since many of you plan on being there by nine. After the truck is unloaded we will gather around with Yves who will demonstrate how to put the boat together. It is easier than most boats and will not take long with at least three people working together. So then we will split off into groups of three or four and start assembling boats on the front lawn. This should allow us to be finished with all the boats by noon. Kathey Clark has graciously agreed to acguire lunch for all of us and have that ready as soon as the boats are done or by noon, whichever comes last. That way we can stay “on the job” together and have a little more time to get to know each other. After the boats are assembled we will raise the rigs with the same procedure – watch Yves do one and then work in our groups to do all the boats. That should go even faster than the boat assembly. Then we are free to raise the sails so that everything can be checked out before they are taken away.

We will have a number of short, informal seminars at this stage. For example, we will have people try on their harnesses to see if they fit correctly and so that they know how to do that and then let them practice trapezing so that the experienced sailors can show them how to do it and coach them until they have some confidence. Yves will explain the way the boats are made and how that affects the way you handle them and care for them. I will explain about how to set batten tension, how to trim sails, and proper care for sails. After all the boat related work and information, Doug Young has agreed to explain the new race starting sequence that we will experience under the revised rules. If there is time, I will offer a synopsis of the rules including what was changed from last year. We expect to finish around 4 P.M. Quite a few people are staying overnight and may want to gather together for dinner.

SATURDAY; We will get started again at 9 A.M. and leave by 1 P.M. to go sailing at PCYC, about two miles from the delivery location at QuikSpray. Everyone MUST be there by noon on Saturday to pick up your boat or arrange for someone else to get it by then. We will plan on sailing at PCYC in the afternoon. Anyone who plans to sail should plan to dress accordingly – preferably in a drysuit or heavy wetsuit with appropriate PFD (lifejacket).

BOAT ASSIGNMENT AND PAYMENT – I have previously e-mailed everyone what their balance is which must be paid upon delivery. When the balance is paid and the boats are assembled, you will receive the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (proving ownership) that Mystere has already printed for your boat. Each boat has hull numbers and each document has a hull number – you will find your boat when you match the number on your owner’s document to a corresponding hull number. Think Easter egg hunt but with boats instead of eggs! So before anyone claims a boat, we will assemble them all, assuring that each receives the care from each assembler that they would give to their own since any one of them might be their own! This is also the fairest way to randomly assign the boats without regard to any potential or perceived bias.

WHAT TO BRING – Basic tools such as a measuring tape, screwdrivers (standard and Phillips) an adjustable wrench, socket set, vice grips, pliers, electrical tape, duct tape, spray lube, Loctite for bolts (prevents fasteners from loosening but can be undone with tools), sharp knife, tie down lines and/or straps, and padding for the boats and trailers. Foul weather gear for you for working in the rain, and/or sailing. PFD, appropriate footwear (sailing boots), sunglasses, sailing gloves, etc. For those of you picking up a trailer there, you should also bring a drill and bits and an extension cord. Bring something to drink and/or eat if you do not like Subway sandwiches, potato chips, and soft drinks. Anyone with digital cameras, bring those, too!

RECOMMENDED – I know that some of you new to boat ownership have had a lot thrown at you in a short time but there is one more thing to do that I recommend which I hope is never used. Can you guess? You should arrange to insure your boat before you leave to pick it up. For some guidance, I arranged for mine last week for $4000 coverage for $53/year. The price varies depending on the level of coverage you elect and this one is excellent. I have paid boat insurance premiums for 25 years and have made only one claim. That one convinced me what a bargain insurance is and I hope I never make another one. Your agent should be able to give you coverage starting on Friday even though you will not know the hull number before then. FWIW, my independent agent is nearby, is a sailor, and can be contacted at: Bill Sommers Sommers Insurance Agency (419) 729-9965 in case you want more info.

CAT TRAX – For those of you who ordered Cat Trax they will be available for assembly also. They are shipped in parts so you will have a choice to assemble them there or take them home in bits.

LAST MINUTE REMINDERS OR NEW INFO – The Mystere owners website will be used to communicate to all between now and Friday so check it at your convenience and before leaving. It also has directions and maps at: See you soon.