Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Thursday, April 05, 2001 – 08:37 pm:



DELIVERY – Delivery day is only two weeks and two days away. Everyone should either be there or have someone in their place. The balance owed on the boats is due on delivery. If anyone cannot be there on Friday or on Saturday morning, then you should arrange for someone else to deliver your check and pick-up your boat. If that cannot be arranged for some very important reason, then you must contact me AND Park McRitchie ASAP to make arrangements and to get your check to me before April 20th. Park is being very gracious with the use of his company’s facilities; please do not abuse his hospitality. We will get started at 9 A.M. on Friday and work (and socialize) until around 4 P.M. We will start about 9 A.M. on Saturday and leave by 1 P.M. to go sailing at PCYC. If you cannot make it there on Friday then you must arrive BY NOON on Saturday. I am aware that this may require an overnight stay for some of you but remember that no one will be driving further than Yves Sansoucy from Montreal. There is all the information you need posted on the Mystere 4.3 website thanks to Mike Teets, webmaster (see below). The company name is Quik Spray or Quik Stir, no letter c in the Quik.

CAT TRAX – Twelve sets of Cat Trax were ordered and will be delivered to Quik Spray by the time the boats arrive. If you ordered Cat Trax, please send me money now!. I can accept checks, or plastic. There is a 2.5% fee for using plastic but that might still be very attractive to some (e.g. the GM card pays back 5% of purchases towards the purchase of any GM car or truck). Please call me ASAP to confirm how you want to pay. (419) 729-9965 The amount due is $362 per set. Checks can be made out to

BOAT TRAILERS – Please call Park McRitchie ASAP if you have not paid for your trailer yet to offer your apologies and explain how you will make it up to him. In putting together deals like this where savings are passed directly to the buyers, Miss Manners says you are expected to act courteously and expeditiously to the coordinator and not to add to his hassle. Miss Manners does not accept excuses for not staying abreast of developments when so many forms of communication are available to today’s buyers. (My apologies to the real Miss Manners)

TRAILER SET-UPS – I have secured ten foot long 10 inch diameter smooth inside wall corrugated drain pipe for making trailer cradles. I will cut these into thirds (about ten inches across – 1/3 of a circle) and can offer two of them to anyone who wants to use them on their trailer for $20. You mount these between the trailer crossbars on each side to support the hulls of the boat along their length. This provides excellent support and protects the bottom of the hulls from road debris and helps guide loading and unloading. All this and it is maintenance free and easy to install. Check out the photos of my big Mystere and my home made cart using this material. My Hobie 18 trailer using the hard white plastic drain pipe lined with carpet is shown there as well. I consider this corrugated pipe to be better and I will modify our Hobie Wave trailer with it for the Mystere 4.3. I strongly recommend using some kind of full length cradle like this for the Mystere due to the skeg ending in front of the rear beam. It would not set well on a standard cat trailer set-up (look at the photos on the web site). Contact me ASAP if you want the corrugated pipe sections for your trailer. Reminder: the distance between hull centerlines is 79” and the height of the main beam is 27”.

BALANCE DUE – I will need the balance due at delivery. Yves expects to go home with payment in full for all the boats. You must have the money at the delivery or to me before then. Personal checks or equivalent (bank checks, money orders, traveler’s checks, etc.) are the permissible form of payment. Rather than list what everyone owes here, I will separately e-mail each of you with your “account” status.

MYSTERE 4.3 WEBSITE – ( Mike Teets has done a wonderful job of updating and organizing the website that he provided just for all of us buying, and interested in, the Mystere 4.3. You should take advantage of its features. We expect you to visit it regularly as that is where we will post all the newsletters and other information important to you about the boat. Directions with maps for delivery day are already posted. Boat specs and other good stuff is posted. Make it a regular place to look while on-line. Mike is very receptive to suggestions for the website. Let him know you appreciate it, that’s his only “pay”!

EXTRA TRAP WIRES – This is to confirm that the extra trap wires come complete with wires, trap handles, trap “rings”, line, and shock cord – ready to use. The trampoline has the two extra grommets already in place, ready to receive the extra set of trapeze wires for two people to trap at once. Many of you have already ordered these at $65 per set of two wires (one each side) and this offer is still available.

FIRST SAIL – We intend to get the boats wet at PCYC on Saturday afternoon about 1 P.M. Anyone is welcome to join us. I still plan on capsizing the boat to determine its capsize characteristics and “right-ability”. For those of you traveling a long way, there is room to stay with Carol and me in Toledo on Saturday night. Others may offer lodging in the PC area if the desire was expressed. This would be one great use for the website .. hint hint. Carol and I have always preferred to stay with people when we can because (besides being cheap) we have made some great friendships that way.

SURPRISE – Yves has clued me in to at least one big surprise he has in store for you at delivery. Can you keep a secret? Yeah…. me too! Hey, is anybody else getting a little excited? Did I miss anything here? Let me know. Make plans to be there to get your boat – we really want help on Friday morning to unload that truck and assemble the boats (bring a 9/16” wrench for the 3/8” bolts). We could be done pretty quickly with a good attendance – like by noon, and then we could just put on a seminar on the lawn and socialize!


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