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March 27, 2001


Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Tuesday, March 27, 2001 – 11:32 pm:


# 30 is sold – Congratulations to all of us! We have sold out the first truckload of thirty Mystere 4.3s that are being introduced to North America. The last smart person to join us is Uwe Eickert of Fremont, Ohio who will be sailing out of PCYC, increasing the size of that fleet! Welcome Uwe (pronounced OOV, I think) to the newest, largest one-design class in Ohio and maybe the entire Midwest! More boats will be available at the price for the last five but delivery will be up to the buyer unless a quantity order can be arranged.

DELIVERY – Friday, April 20, is only three and a half weeks away. Hopefully the cold weather we are having now will allow it to be unusually warm then! Yves Sansoucy, President of Mystere, is planning to travel here Thursday so that we can be at Port Clinton ready to unload and assemble boats with us on Friday morning. He will bring along an assistant and the plan is to have the truck arrive and get the work started by 9 A.M. We are planning to have all boats assembled on Friday and to have instruction on rigging and sailing on Saturday. Obviously, anyone who is there on Friday to help assemble boats will get valuable rigging experience. It would be best for everyone to be available both days but that is not required. We plan to go sailing off the beach at PCYC on Saturday. Boats will be available for pickup, with the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin after the balance due is received. An address and map will be included in the next newsletter and further details will be communicated as they become available. Plan now to take that Friday off work and join us if you can!

CAT TRAX – I am ordering Cat Trax at the end of this week, also. I have spoken with the owner of Florida Sailcraft who makes Cat Trax and he has a narrower cradle available that was made for the Hobie 20, so we will specify that one. They will make these Cat Trax to fit these boats. The Tiger Trax which have hard plastic wheels are $292 (not recommended). The Cat Trax which have black rubber tires and aluminum rims cost $362. These prices are with shipping free if we order at least six and have them shipped together to Port Clinton. Shipping separately would be pricey. So far I have three orders:
Young (2) and West . Please contact me by the end of the week to order.

TRAPEZE WIRES – The following have ordered an extra set of trapeze wires:
Newbury, Diamond, Tracey, Young (2), Attard, Steed, Blohm. These are $65 per set of two. Anyone else who wants another set (one set comes standard), please let me know by the end of the week. FWIW, 18 harnesses were ordered last week.

TRAILERS – Park McRitchie has placed the order for trailers. I think that five trailers were ordered which allowed for the first quantity price break. Everyone else should already have a trailer or can borrow one or make some other arrangement to get take their boats from Quick Spray, Inc. NOTE: Take a good look at the photos of the boat on the website. You will see that the skegs end farther forward than on the Hobie Wave, in front of the rear cross beam. This will not work well with the standard trailer crossbar set-up. I recommend placing a section of drain pipe or wood between the trailer cross bars on each side to allow the hulls to be supported along their length between the crossbars. I am purchasing several sections of black corrugated drain pipe with a smooth interior wall at a manufacturer in Findlay, Ohio at the employee discount (just another connection). My plan is to use ten foot long 10” diameter pipe cut in thirds to use between the trailer beams to cradle the hulls. If anyone wants me to get them some, let me know. I will try to get some photos of my trailers posted to the website.
The specifications for setting up the trailers and any sail/gear tubes or boxes is as follows: It is 79 inches between keel centerlines and 66 inches minimum distance between the hulls. The beam is 27 inches high so any box should not exceed 26” from the height of the trailer cradles. Other measurements that may be useful are:
It is 70.5 inches from the bows to the center of the main beam and 75 inches between the centerlines of the main beam and the rear beam.

SAIL SPECS – Some of you may have noticed that the sail area specs posted on the Mystere 4.3 website have shrunk. These are the confirmed sail areas for the Mystere 4.3. Apparently the French have grossly exaggerated the sail area on the Sonic model and we were using their figures until Yves sent the accurate ones determined by the sail making software and confirmed by tape measurements. The spinnaker has been set at 15 square meters which translates to 161 square feet. The other change is the color. It will be what is shown in the latest photos that have been posted on the website. We had asked for “Aqua” with blue spinnakers and as you can see in the photos the sail material supplier provided a color that is more green than aqua. Yves told me that green spinnakers would look better with that mainsail color than blue ones would, so that is what we are getting. Probably more than you wanted to know but there are some details that I thought you might be interested in reading about.

WHAT ELSE do you want to know about? We are getting pretty close to having all the issues settled and the details complete. Let me know how else I can serve you and I will endeavor to comply.

March 18, 2001


Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Monday, March 19, 2001 – 06:53 pm:


Since the last update we have sold two more boats. Welcome to our owners’ group:
Joe Tracey from Ashland, Ohio E-mail Address: and
Bob Cella from Miamisburg, Ohio E-mail Address:
EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE: Purge your old owners’ list and use this updated owner’s e-mail list!

Mystere will supply anyone who wants them an extra set of trapezes for $65.00.
They will supply Magic Marine Equipe model trapeze harnesses for $135.00 each. The best price I could find for these was $159 (retail $167) at The Sailing Pro Shop at: and they can be seen at the Magic Marine website at: The ad copy at that site is:
· Maximum freedom of movement · Complete comfort created by separate back adjustments.
The low spreader position of the ‘Equipe” in combination with a full hack patch and battens, give total back support. The low weight is the result of a Kevlar seat, thin water-resistant foam and a lightweight stainless steel spreader bar with spring.

PLEASE contact me this week if you want to order. Yves is placing an order on Friday and I have to give him our order by then so that he can add it to his. You can pay for what you order along with any balance you owe on the boat at delivery so we do not need money now, just the order. Yves said these harnesses run quite small, that I would take an extra large (70” and 170#). They go up to xxl and down to small, so even small children might fit into a small. Also contact me about the extra set of trapeze wires if you want one so that Yves knows how many to bring along at delivery. Maybe you will want to order an extra set even if you plan just to single-hand sail. REMEMBER THAT I NEED YOUR ORDER BY FRIDAY MORNING 3/23.

SAIL SIZES: Yves has completed the mast rigging and jib design and reports that they are still developing a bigger North American spinnaker. He told me that they have moved the sheet block position to the rear beam to increase the size of the spinnaker. As soon as the design is finalized he will give me the sail sizes and then you will have them. He has provided conflicting info on boat measurements needed for trailer set-up, so I will not release them until they are checked and confirmed – hopefully by next week.

DELIVERY: Originally the delivery date was this past Friday and Saturday. I was bummed when we had to change the date but not after experiencing the weather we had Friday and Saturday! It was horrible (blizzard-like on Friday) and I am so glad the delivery date is in April!

WEBSITE: Check out the Mystere 4.3 website regularly for all the info at: (Thanks Mike Teets!)

REGATTAS: The following regattas are listed in chronological order and are open to the Mystere 4.3 class. All of these are within two or three hours drive time for anyone in Ohio. If anyone has any race or regatta they would like the class to attend, please send the info to Mike Teets so that he can list it on the Mystere owners website at: “” You can look for info there and most of these are also posted on The Ohio Catamaran Racing Association website at:
May Day Regatta
Caesar Creek State Park ~ Waynesville, Ohio
May 5-6, 2001
Web Site: “

Location: Lake Manitou (Moose Beach) Westside Dr. Rochester, IN
Date: May 12 & 13
Fleets: 14, 16, 18, 20 & Open

FREE! Includes: Lunch and Dinner Sat. and Lunch Sun.
Contact: Mark Cook 317-297-0037
Saturday 9:00 AM Registration
9:45 AM Skipper Meeting 9:45 AM White Flag
Noon Lunch More Racing After Lunch
6:00 PM Dinner @ Cooks Cottages with drinks
Sunday 9:00 AM Skipper Meeting 10:30 AM White Flag Noon Awards
Lodging Cook Cottages 317-297-0037 2320 Wolf Point Dr
Free Camping & RV parking Super 8 Motel 219-224-8080 10% discount

Paul Steed writes: “This is a fantastic regatta! The “Cooks Cottages” are right on the lake.
Maybe we could have two (or more) “Mystere 4.3” starts/fleets??:
1) single handed 2) double handed (for lighter-weight skipper/crew)”

Don Carsten Writes: First off, thanks for offering to do a seminar at the Cattail regatta this year. We are looking to do either a Start or rules seminar on Friday June 1, 2001.
The web site address is “
If you can send this to the owners of the new mystere 4.3 owners and the Ohio Catamaran Sailors we also would really appreciate very much. As I said on the phone this evening, we are looking to increase the size of this regatta and get it back to the status it deserves. We will accept all the help we can get. Thanks very much.
June 1, 2 & 3, 2001
Hosted by the Jolly Roger Sailing Club
The Cattail Regatta will again be hosted by the Jolly Roger Sailing Club on Friday, June 1 through Sunday June 3. The Cattail Regatta is the largest One-Design Sailing regatta in the Toledo area



SCHEDULE: 8:00 – Registration
9:00 – Competitors’ meeting. Safety inspection immediately thereafter.
9:30 – Start for Hobie Waves
10:00 – Start for boats rating above .730
10:30 – Start for boats rating .675 through .730
11:00 – Start for boats rating below .675
Awards presentations after finishes and lunch

COURSE: Start at North Cape Yacht Club beach, leave to port Grassy Island at the mouth of the Maumee river and the Toledo Harbor Light. Finish back at North Cape Yacht Club beach between the finish line marks

LOCATION: Starting and ending at North Cape Yacht Club in LaSalle, Michigan (just north of Toledo, Ohio).

DIRECTIONS: From the north, take I-75 South, exit at Exit 9 – South Otter Creek Road. Turn right, drive east 0.6 miles to the first southbound road (right turn at sign for NCYC and Toledo Beach Marina). Drive 0.7 miles and bear left at the next intersection, following the sign for NCYC.
From the South, take I-75 North and follow the directions above in italics.

RULES: 2001- 2004 ISAF RRS with USSA prescriptions; Class rules; Portsmouth Handicap; this Notice of Race, and the Sailing Instructions.

CLASSES: ANY Portsmouth rated MULTIHULL -Three classes per Ohio Catamaran Racing Association Portsmouth ranges, plus overall.

REQUIRED MINIMUM SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Seaworthy boat, life jacket and whistle for each sailor, minimum 50 feet long and 1/4 inch diameter tow line and U.S. Coast Guard required equipment. Encouraged: GPS, VHS radio, compass, cell phone, etc.

AWARDS: Awards in each class, based on the number of entrants, plus a first-to-finish award, plus a persistence award, plus participation awards.

COST: $15.00 per single-handed boat. $20.00 per double-handed boat.

MEALS: Plan on taking something to eat and drink on the race course. Lunch provided after racing.

EXIT 11 (5 miles north of NCYC) LaPlaisance Road – two gas stations, fast food, and large Outlet Mall
AmeriHost Inn (new) – behind Mall – (734) 384-1600 Comfort Inn (734) 384-1500
EXIT 15 (8.5 miles north of NCYC) Dixie Highway – Many eateries and gas stations.
Cross Country Inn (734) 289-2330 Hometown Inn (734) 289-1080 Holiday Inn (800) 465-4329
Knights Inn (800) 843-5644 Days Inn (800) 325-2525
EXIT 210 in OHIO (13 miles south of NCYC) Alexis Road Several fast foods, gas stations, and Meijers store.
Comfort Inn North (1 mile west at Northtowne Mall and Raceway Park) (419) 476-0170

FEATURES: A great view of much of the race course from the starting area (shore crew, bring binoculars!), a big beach, a great clubhouse facility. This is a good introduction to long distance beach cat racing. Guaranteed opportunity to use your spinnaker and/or reacher sails (Fly ‘em if ya got ‘em!).
*Note: ratings adjustments only for sails used, not for sails carried.
CONTACT: Mike or Carol Fahle (419) 729-9965 E-Mail –
Sent by Dave Fort

GENEVA SC Regatta 2001 – Lake Erie

OCRA Portsmouth Catamaran Regatta
Hosted by Geneva Sailing Club
July 21 & 22, 2001

C A L L F O R C A M P I N G !

Geneva State Park
Padanarum Road
P.O. Box 429
(440) 466-8400 Park Office
(440) 466-7565 Marina

. . . Also at State Rte. 306 & State Rte. 2 . . . at I-90 & State Rte. 44
Travel Lodge (216) 951-7333 or 800-255-3050 Quail Hollow Inn
Knights Inn (216) 946-0749 (216) 352-6201
Super 8 (216) 951-8558

In looking at the upcoming race schedule, I am tossing an event out for consideration for the 4.3 fleet. Sunday, Aug. 19, PCYC will run it’s annual ‘Catawba Can Race’. This is a mini-distance race, starting near the beach east of the river entrance, to a bouy labeled G”1″ off the west point of Catawba, and back to the finish. I have run this race for Interlakes, and an open class for assorted jr. boats, and Waves the past couple seasons. It is approx. 10 miles total, !st start is at 11am, with a very informal potluck type cookout on the North shore area of the club afterwards. Last year after the start, I patroled the course, along with 2 other chase boats, and recorded the finish times as reqd. I also recorded GPS coordinates of the start/finish area, and the actual bouy rounding, so I’ll look back at that data to verify the course length. I am very interested in attracting the fleet to PCYC, as the launch, rigging, parking, facilities are very good for beach boats. It will be a simple task to arrange as many chase boats as we feel are reqd., and best of all, no entry fee! I would like your thoughts on this, before we put it ‘out there’ for consideration. I have other events in mind also, so let me know what you think will be best for the over-all schedule.