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February 25, 2001


Mike Fahle (Mikefahle) on Monday, March 19, 2001 – 06:51 pm:

Hi Everyone, Here is the latest news: 2/25/01
#27 SOLD! I have just taken the 27th boat order. We have just three more to fit on the truck, so if you know of anyone thinking about ordering one,
encourage them to e-mail me and send a check ASAP because I know that there are a number of people out there who are seriously mulling it over. The latest “smart person” is Nancy Tuffli, another sailor from Lake Carlisle in southern Illinois, which is great since they will have a fleet with just one more boat and we will have a nice place to travel to as a class. Welcome aboard, Nancy!
DELIVERY DATE : has been set back to April 20 and 21. I think that many of you will be glad and maybe some of you be upset. I wish we could have stuck to the March date but that has ceased to be an option. Being the optimistic sort that I am, I have made a list of reasons to think about why
this is a good thing.
1) Now when we all get together it will be much warmer to unload, assemble, sail, and trailer our boats. We can have an outdoor barbeque or something, I hope, while we work and visit.
2). It will give more time to everyone to clear their calendars for this date – this date WILL NOT change (assuming no cataclysmic events). It is important that we all meet each other and Yves Sansoucy, President of Mystere.
3). No one will have to find a place to store their boat by then as it will be the start of the season (admittedly a little early yet for some).
4). No one (like me) will have too much time to practice before the first regatta at Caesar Creek (Mayday regatta) to get an advantage.
5). Everyone will have more time to prepare for their new arrivals with a trailer, trapeze harness(es), beach wheels, covers, etc.
DELIVERY DETAIL: Many have asked about boat boxes – the answer is that the boats are NOT packed in boxes. They are put on the truck on racks if I understood correctly (Yves apologizes to me about his English and I apologize to him about my hearing). At any rate, the boats need to be assembled and taken home on a trailer, another reason to be there and have a trailer. If you are double-stacking boats, my advice is to find and bring along some heavy-duty carpet pieces that you can fold over to have the carpet side on each boat and then tie the boats together and to the trailer. I will have specific measurements for the distance between the centerlines of the hulls (68 1/2″) and the distance between the narrowest portion of the inside of the hulls for the next update. This will allow you to prepare the trailers for the 4.3s. Anything that held a Hobie Wave or a Hobie 14 will definitely work with only simple mods ,if any, and anything larger will always work, especially if you prepare it with those dimensions in mind.
HARNESSES : I told Yves that we were considering a group purchase for harnesses and he told me that he would help us out (again) with a good price on Magic Marine “Equipe” harnesses. Mystere runs a sailing school not far from the factory and they sell harnesses there. Magic Marine makes harnesses most top sailors use and this would be a great opportunity to get a quality harness at a god price which I will share with you as soon as Yves
gets back to me. The website to look at these harnesses is:
BEACH WHEELS : Here are the best prices I can get:
For the Tiger trax which are the plastic wheels – $203.00
For the Cat Trax which are the black rubber and aluminum rims – $273.00
For the option of adding cradles – $89.00
If you are all shipped to one location shipping will be included.
If you need individual shipping, cost of the tracks will be plus shipping.
REGATTA NEWS on next update.